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CAP'TECH by BMCE Capital was the first program of its kind launched by the investment bank of the BMCE Bank of Africa group. 

Through this initiative, the BMCE Capital Pole joins the ecosystem of start-ups to co-construct innovative solutions that address strategic and operational issues in order to serve its customers and employees 

Improve the customer experience:

Make the customer experience more intuitive:  

Simplify the customer journey while complying with current regulations.

Connect customers to a wider range of products and services:  

Connect customers to a wider range of products and services via a digital platform.

Better anticipate customer behavior: 

Anticipate the risks of failures and defects.

Improve the decision making process of their employees: 

Optimize the use of data to facilitate strategic and operational decision making.

Optimize and maximize teamwork:  

Develop agility, information sharing and mobility of employees.

Set up and deployed by LaStartupFactory, this program went to meet African startups or from the African diaspora in order to design innovative solutions to the identified challenges. Several meetings (inspiration workshops) were organized in Casablanca, Tunis and Abidjan.

This program attracted more than 200 applications from African start-ups from the African diaspora. 9 of them from Morocco, Togo, Ivory Coast and Ghana were shortlisted and participated in a 3-day intensive bootcamp at the end of 2019, in order to co-create with BMCE Capital's teams solutions adapted to the identified challenges. 

Today and at the end of this program, BMCE Capital has successfully deployed an innovative solution to its customers, namely the first chatbot in the market dedicated to the business of investment banking. Called "BK Financial Bot", this conversational agent allows customers to receive key information on the markets and on their operations directly on their mobile. Developed in partnership with the startup SEMOA Togo, this solution continues to be enriched regularly with new features reserved for BMCE Capital's customers. 

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