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    With more than 50 investor members and 15 deals in one year, Angels4Africa is one of the most active Business Angels networks in Africa! Are you a business owner, manager, leader? Do you want to become a Business Angel, invest in startups, invest in entrepreneurs and indulge yourself while serving the general interest? Join us!


    More than an investment: we offer you to live with us a human adventure and benevolent support for entrepreneurs with high potential.

  • Among the honorary loans of a few tens of thousands of dollars and a Series A from investment funds, there is a bridge. This is where Angels4Africa comes in. A network of Business Angels which invests in innovative startups, with high growth potential to contribute significantly to the success of the first years of the startup's “take-off” by intervening at the seed stage, between the “love money” phase and entry of venture capital funds.


    Behind our value proposition, figures bear witness to our commitment  

  • Why join Angels4Afica:

    Because beyond financing, your entrepreneurial experience is invaluable and other entrepreneurs can benefit from it;



    Because through Angels4Africa, our cencerns are to develop the full potential of startups by creating programs that take them even further;


    To continue to enrich and nourish you with the passion of other entrepreneurs in an unprecedented setting where your actions have a tangible socio-economic impact;

    To be part of a network dedicated to excellence and innovation and to take advantage of numerous development and networking opportunities with all players in the ecosystem.

  • Joining Angels4Afica also means benefiting from:

    Recognition of the status of Business Angel;




    A quality deal flow with pitches every month;




    Mutualized investment with other members of the network;



    Monitoring your investments through a digital platform, but also and above all through a dedicated resource!

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