Wall of fame 

    They inspire us, accompany us and support us!

  • We are honored to receive many renowned personalities at our events. Among them, inspiring businessmen and women, public figures, representatives of both national and international governments, leaders of large companies, investors, but also entrepreneurs who believe in without a doubt and support our cause! Find out what they think of LaStartupStation! 

  • Some testimonials

  • ''Moroccan youth are aware of the importance of new technology in charging reality''

    Ferid BELHAJ

    Vice President of World Bank

    ''We must spread the spirit of startup and entrepreneurship that country needs''

    Salaheddine MEZOUAR

    Founder and president Ktrium Invest & Advisory - Ex president CGEM - Ex Minister of Foreign Affairs

    ''Digital is a priority for our country to drive growth''

    Othman EL FIRDAOUSS 

    Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports in Morocco

    ''There are many cooperation opportunities with Morocco''


    President of the Flemish government

    ''If the LastartupStation did not exist, it had to be invented''

    Berhanard FELMBERG

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation

    ''Morocco is perfectly positioned to be an innovative hub for Africa''

    Jennifer RASAMIMANANA 

    Ex consul general of United States

    ''LaStartupStation has given us confidende in our approach towards innovation ''

    Lotfi SEKKAT

    Chief Executive Officer CIH BANK

    ''We are fortunate to be in a country that is growing with innovation and ecosystems in an absolutely incredible and strong way''


    Development and Innovation Director Vinci Energies

    ''The best way to accelerate that innovation is to actually bring entrepreneurs and connect them with the corporates''


    President Wamda Capital





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