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  • Our goal at LaStartupStation is not only to provide the best technologies to help the new generation express themselves. It is also to allow all parties to actively participate in the development process of new solutions or products. To do this, we open our 3 TechLabs to our incubated startups who want to prototype new ideas because we believe that if we put all the necessary resources, we can create great things. "Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you want, you go what you imagine, and finally you create what you want. " - George Bernard Shaw 

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    3D Printing & IOT Lab - Imagine and create your prototype

    Entrepreneurs can have ideas but what we provide them is the possibility to create their own prototype using the new technologies of 3D printing and electronics. They will be able to combine these technologies and this will allow them to go faster and see things from another angle. They will be able to create, adapt, their prototype and develop their ideas more easily into a real product.

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    Virtual reality & AR Lab - Overcome human boundaries

    The Virtual Reality Lab will provide startups with all the technologies to develop and apply virtual reality to all types of fields. Startups will be able to make corrections on three-dimensional products in order to better shape their products.

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    Drones & Robotics Lab - Create content and objects

    Drones & Robotics Lab are available to our community to democratize the creation of robots combined with artificial intelligence. All types of electronics will be provided to ensure the creativity of the startups.

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