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    Collaborative innovation


    Transform your managers and employees into true internal ambassadors of innovation and digital.


    Acculturation, Training and Empowerment


    Co-build and deploy new solutions for your customers and / or internal collaborators.


    Communication and Innovative Marketing


    Highlight your products or services in an innovative and impactful way


  • Pragmatic and concrete results


    Open innovation programs launched with large companies




    Employees, managers, and top managers sensitized to innovation and collaboration with startups



    B2B meetings between startups and large companies




    Innovative digital solutions deployed within corporates



  • They innovate with us..

  • Acculturation programs, training and empowerment

    1 - Mission Statement 

    Objective: I develop, strengthen and maintain the pride of belonging of the various employees to our organization by mobilizing them around the common objectives of our mission statement: Mission (reason for being) Vision (projection into the future) - Values (which make sense!).
    - 2 day in site “Vision” workshops with management committee members.
    - “Values” Workshops.
    Impact creates:
    - strengthening of the feeling of belonging by the involvement of each member of the management committee in the construction / updating of this vision.
    - co-construction of a Charter of Values through the involvement of each manager to "Bring values to life" in a real and concrete way.
    Use case:

    2 - Innovation Days 


    Objective: I introduce my employees into the startup culture and the world of innovation and digital transformation in a unique way For whom: Managers and internal employees of the company wishing to engage in a process of innovation and digital transformation.
    Format: digital or in site.
    Impact created: the managers and employees of my company leave inspired and motivated, understand that innovation and digital are within everyone's reach and are ready to actively engage in our transformation process.
    Use case:

    3 - Internal innovation competition


    Objective: I give my employees the opportunity to reveal their talents and their creativity through a competition of innovative projects that allows the concrete realization of the most interesting ideas


    Format: end-to-end support program: from the launch of the call for applications until the deployment of the projects selected by the jury face-to-face and / or digital.


    Impact creates: the ambassadors and natural talents of my company master the main innovation methods and have carried out new innovative intrapreneurial projects by adopting the same mindset as those of a startup! They are also able to provide feedback on their achievements and promote innovation and digital internally to other employees.


    Use case:



    Collaborative innovation programs

    1 - Open Innovation (MVP Version)


    Objective: I deploy innovative solutions co-built with startups and my employees on strategic challenges corresponding to the vision of my company.


    Format: end-to-end support program:
    - definition of the challenges to be met.
    - launch of the call for internal and external applications.
    - communication on social networks.
    - inspiration workshop for employees.
    - inspiration workshop for startups.
    - 3-day Hackathon or Bootcamp with Demo Day.
    - support in agile / scrum master mode until the deployment of 2 or 3 MVP / projects selected by top management and the program steering committee.
    - Best-of videos and Interviews.

    Impact: innovative digital solutions deployed in the market:
    - satisfied customers thanks to new experiences and digital journeys.
    - contracts and Purchase Orders for startups..
    - employees acculturated to innovation and improved digital skills.


    Uses cases:

  • 2 - Design Sprints


    Objective: I build and test the prototype of a new solution in just five days.


    Format: 5 days in site or digital.


    Impact created: my employees and managers have projected themselves into the future in order to see how customers react to a new prototyped solution in a few days before investing all the time necessary to build a real product.



    Communication and innovative marketing programs

    1 - Innovative TV show and webinars


    Objective: I inspire, promote and give current content with very high added value to my employees and to the Top Management of my company through inspiring talks and innovative webinars dealing with topics of the future with the best experts and entrepreneurs of our ecosystem and yours!


    Format: TV set of international standards for talks, panels and webinars in a hybrid format (the speakers are physically present on the set but the audience is on the web and social networks).


    Impact creates: my clients and partners were inspired by the high added value content that I shared with them in an innovative format that made an impact!


    Use case:

    2 - Best-of by LaStory


    Objective: I immortalize all my events or programs made in the field of digital, innovation and technology thanks to best-of videos that capture the best moments (emotions and anecdotes guaranteed).


    Best-of videos from 3 to 4 min.
    - Team mobilized with its audio-visual material.
    -Cameraman - Photographer.
    -Communication expert for interview and storytelling / storyboard.
    -Video director / editor.
    - 4K cameras, Microphones, etc..


    Impact created: My clients, employees and partners who participated (or not) in my events or programs were able to (re) live the best moments with emotion, always with some nice anecdotes as a bonus.

  • Consulting in digital / cultural transformation strategy

    Are you a large (corporate) company and want to innovate continuously and sustainably, as quickly as startups? LaStartupStation pure service supports you from start to finish in your innovation and digital transformation process, from the implementation of a Strategic Vision to its concrete and pragmatic implementation in the field. Contact Omar Amrani, Innovation Director of LaStartupStation for active listening and a free recommendation on your transformation needs and goals. 


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