Bymaro discovers talent internally

· Innovation Days

The innovation department of Bymaro/Linkcity (part of the Bouygues Construction group) launched an internal innovation contest to discover the talents and creativity of its employees and to evaluate the implementation of new innovative projects within the company.

The selected participants were then supported by LaStartupFactory through training and personalized coaching.

At the end of the coaching, the participants pitched their projects in front of the top management to convince them to allocate them the resources and time necessary to implement their solutions within Bymaro/Linkcity.

Format and course : 

  • Training and coaching on methods and tools to validate or evolve the relevance of an idea to a new project and implement it within a company (Design Thinking, empathy map and customer/user journey, value proposition, etc.)
  • Training and coaching to learn how to pitch your project to top management
  • Demo Day: pitch of the work done by the participants in front of the Top Management 


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