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CDG Prévoyance's first Open Innovation program, Prévoithon 2019, was a unique opportunity for CDG Prévoyance employees, partners and startups from the LaStartupFactory ecosystem to co-construct and deploy innovative solutions.

Once the challenges were identified, a call for applications was launched among CDG Prévoyance's internal employees by Mr. Ali Bensouda, Director of the CDG Prévoyance Division, in charge of the CNRA and the RCAR. 

2 inspirational workshops were then organized to explain the Prevoithon program in more detail and to encourage internal (cdg prévoyance employees) and external (startups) innovators to participate. 

The CDG prévoyance hackathon had the particularity of placing the citizen at the center and having him meet with the innovators to test the prototyped solutions with him and thus gather precious information on their relevance and future adoption. 

As always in an Open Innovation program organized by LaStartupFactory, the magic of collaboration between business experts and startups who did not know each other before the Hackathon took place:

The highlights of the Hackathon: The visit of Mr. Abdellatif Zaghnoun, CEO of the CDG group (Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion) who came to discover the projects and encourage each Hackathon team one by one! 

At the end of the Hackathon, the 15 teams presented their solutions to a jury composed of CDG Prévoyance management, citizen representatives (retirees, affiliates, etc.), external partners and the Agence du Développement du Digital.

These 4 teams won the 1st CDG Prévoyance Open Innovation program :

One year after the Hackathon and the contracting with the 3 startups and the production of the internal project, here are the pragmatic results of the Prevoithon program:

Media feedback on the program: 

See you at the next Prevoithon ;)  

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