Incubation & Acceleration Scalerator # 3

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Always in search of promising and entrepreneurial projects, the 3rd batch of the Scalerator support program was launched in 2019, its purpose was to support startups in the deployment of their solutions until the granting of purchase orders for B2B, or the adoption of their solution by the general public for B2C.

The call for applications for this 3rd batch generated 113 applications from Moroccan startups, after a selection process 20 startups were selected to join the program, of which 13 startups were successful in obtaining CCG grants of up to MAD 200,000.

 During the 6 months, the 20 startups were supported in an exceptional space equipped with the latest technologies, they also benefited from the advice and support of a community of experts, coaches and passionate mentors, even training in soft skills, business and technological were ensured during the 6 months. For this batch, the most promising startups had the privilege of presenting their solutions in front of a panel of representatives of large groups in order to obtain purchase orders and deploy their solution on the market.

The LaStartupFactory demo day brings together the most promising solutions from the 6 months of intensive support. Only startups that presented exceptional capacities to respond to business issues in Morocco and Africa and an advanced level of maturity were selected in order to offer large partner groups, donors and financial institutions a vision of tomorrow and projection capacities in their solutions.

The objective of the demo day is to facilitate the matching between technological offer and demand. To this end, we organize a 3-minute pitching session for our startups per startup to allow the best selected startups to present their projects, products and digital solutions, following which, one-to-one meetings are organized throughout the day. in a virtual Demo space so that they can discuss business, collaboration and financing opportunities with large companies, donors and financial institutions present.

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