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“Boost with Facebook” was implemented nationally by LaStartupFactory with the support of the Digital Development Agency (ADD) and carried out in partnership with the Attijariwafa Bank Foundation and the Moroccan Federation of Information Technologies , Telecommunications and Offshoring (APEBI). LaStartupFactory led the implementation efforts across Morocco as part of its mission to promote technology and innovation in the country, while APEBI and the Attijariwafa Bank Foundation mainly supported public awareness. Launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, this global program of the web giant was intended to equip small businesses with the skills in digital marketing of which they need to increase their online presence and compete in the digital economy.

During the launching ceremony of this program, Ceo and founder of LaStartupFactory Mehdi Alaoui, stressed that “2020 has been a difficult period for companies around the world, including Morocco”, noting that with the help of Facebook, “we have adapted the program to include modules that specifically address the need to stay in touch with and retain customers during the pandemic, as well as review their existing strategies for delivering products and solutions”.

 The curriculum of the “Boost with Facebook” program has two different components namely, the beginner's path, which is aimed at companies with limited online presence and are ready to embark on their digital adventure and the advanced path which is dedicated to businesses looking to take their online presence to the next level. These modules were designed to help SMEs address the business challenges caused by the pandemic. The program offered virtual training sessions, available in French and Arabic.

Boost with facebook, it is the support of more than 1600 companies, 50 programs carried out with significant partners, all the Moroccan territory was concerned, 22% of the companies were without precise digital concept before the program and have a satisfaction rate of 100 %.

With only 8 hours of training, the impact on business and on the digital upgrading of companies was very significant: 80% of SMEs were able to professionalize their marketing and their presence on social networks thanks to workshops / learning by doing pedagogy and case studies treated during the training. So they were able to have more customers and more interactions with them. 

On the program are training courses, thematic workshops and personalized exchanges with professionals and experts in social networks and more generally, digital tools. Among these concrete and free workshops: create ads on Facebook, reach new customers through Instagram or WhatsApp, improve the impact of posts, recruit on social networks ... and much more.

The level of understanding and optimal use of Facebook tools is clearly low among SMEs: + 90% of SMEs trained say that the Boost with Facebook training allowed them to fill their gaps. SMEs ask for more support and other topics for training because they loved the boost program with facebook. At the end of the training, some SMEs have successfully applied and integrated our “Scalerator” incubation program.

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