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Casablanca's water and energy company gave way to innovation during a two-day hackathon. To do this, LYDEC trusted LaStartupFactory to organize the "Lydec Open Innovation Hackathon"!

Once the challenge was identified, a call for applications was launched among LYDEC's internal and external collaborators by Mr. Jean-Pascal Darriet, General Manager of Lydec. 

Half-day of inspiration and discussions around innovation: several actors of the Moroccan innovation ecosystem (startups, consultants, students, journalists, bloggers, etc.) were invited to exchange with Lydec employees around the challenges of a collective innovation approach

During this round table session, everyone had the opportunity to interact, to ask questions to the guests and even to propose solutions to Lydec's business issues.   

The Hackathon brought together Lydec employees as well as young startups, students and entrepreneurs who produced, in 48 hours, prototypes of innovative solutions to the proposed challenge: "Lydec of tomorrow: what services for customers and residents of the Greater Casablanca region?'' As always in an Open Innovation program organized by LaStartupFactory, the magic of collaboration between business experts and startups who did not know each other before the Hackathon took place:  

During the deliberations, 3 teams stood out, including 3 made up of start-ups and LYDEC employees: LYDEC

These 3 teams won the 1st Lydec Open Innovation program  

See you at the next Hackathon ❣  

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