The value chain of the Moroccan economy increased by new innovative actors

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Starting from raw materials and commodities in general, we will then focus on Industry 4.0 startups. This is followed by an in-depth analysis of those impacting and digitizing the company and its internal processes. Then comes a category proposing solutions as a service to finally integrate the part addressing a more massive clientele in constant evolution of use. We will finish this cycle with the smart citizenship which is a prelude to the whole value chain.

In the first block (in green), let's focus on startups in the agricultural, energy, mining and greentech sectors. These startups are very mature because they benefit from Morocco's advanced knowledge in the field

Industry 4.0 is not left out, with a good progress in the integration in Morocco of AI and Data solutions, robust, benefiting from IoT nuggets and allowing a supply chain review for a country that wants to be a bridge between the West and Africa

Moreover, it is not only logistics that is becoming digitalized, all business processes can with the startups of the 3rd block (in blue), industrialize and dematerialize both their HR process, the entire workplace and customer relations.

Companies can also arm themselves with the solutions of various startups offering As A Service pricing and allowing the company to soften and make its costs more flexible, particularly in the areas of marketing and mobility in line with today's channels.

Indeed, the 5th block (in yellow) reminds us how much Moroccans' uses are evolving with the whole internet generation reaching consumption maturity: e-commerce, fintech and real estate nuggets are driven by this age group.

And this has not fallen on deaf ears, public institutions are reacting and calling for solutions to digitalize health, access to justice and education. Innovation in these essential services is the key to success in this cycle and will ensure the innovations of tomorrow.