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Inwi supports the African entrepreneurial ecosystem by proposing throughout the year challenges allowing startups to realize their projects. It is in this sense that the Open Innovation program "IoT by inwi" was launched to allow selected startups to work directly with Inwi teams and its network of partners. This tripartite open innovation program between inwi, its "Key Account" customers and startups around the Internet of Things allowed to explore the development potential of new marketable IoT solutions/offers/products and to test the "Business Value" of IoT innovation with startups. 

This program was open to software and hardware start-ups developing prototypes or having commercialized solutions in the IoT sectors for : 

  • Smart City
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Agriculture

The "IoT by inwi" Challenge was dedicated to startups wishing to:

1- Accelerate the development of their commercial IoT offers

2- Develop PoCs in co-construction with a large group

3- Access inwi resources to develop their solutions

Based on the 158 applications received, LaStartupFactory helped Inwi to select the 12 most relevant use cases. These 12 use cases were presented during a Demo Day to INWI's key account partners, after which 2 startups were selected to deploy 5 POCs.

Two startups were selected as a result of this program and were supported by LaStartupFactory in the deployment of solutions and the development of PoCs with INWI partners. 

The Nextronic startup has deployed 3 POCs consisting of indoor geolocation of 3 gateways, temperature and humidity sensor of the technical premises, vibration sensor for the machine room with an African leader in mining and a POC based on the implementation of 2 weather stations (soil moisture at three levels, air quality ...) with an African leader in organic agriculture.

The startup syntechnology has deployed a POC consisting of temperature monitoring of the compressors of the industrial chain of the mine, but also the prediction of energy consumption with an African leader in mining. 

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