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As part of ONCF's digital transformation project #ONCFDIGITAL, this open and collaborative program aims to combine talents, both external and internal, to generate ideas by relying on collective intelligence and pro-activity to co-produce innovative services. 

This Open Innovation program was an opportunity to accelerate the innovation process already underway and its anchoring in the DNA of the ONCF brand, especially with the preparation of the qualitative leap that was subsequently made, thanks to the gradual commissioning of current structuring projects now in the completion phase. 

Thus, a train fitted out for the occasion served as headquarters for 100 startups, aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketer-communicators, students and ONCF employees. Divided into 20 teams, they developed ideas to improve the journey and experience of the Office's travelers.

At the end of this Hackathon, more than 80 ideas were presented to the jury of this Open Innovation program #ONCFDIGITAL. In the end, 20 ideas were selected and teams were created. The participants then set about developing the applications from the early hours of Saturday, under the supervision and mentoring of the ONCF and LaStartupFactory teams. The program also included workshops, as well as games involving the teams. Once set up, the applications were tested and the teams prepared for the final pitch. 

After 48 hours on the train, the 20 applications were presented to the jury, which selected 5 of them, in addition to a "coup de coeur". Among the winning solutions, a chatbot that assists customers from their home to their final destination, as well as an application intended for the unbanked allowing online payment of train tickets. 

The result of this program is extraordinary. A nice mix of both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, start-ups from Morocco but also from abroad, who were chosen to continue the adventure.  The rest of the adventure lasted 4 months and served to mentor the winning teams to deploy their solutions. 

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