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As part of the efforts of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform to promote the financing of start-ups and young innovative companies, this ministry, with the support of the GIZ -German cooperation- and the co-financing of the European Union has started a project on the institutional support for the development of the activities of Business Angels in Morocco

In 2020 Match&Invest was born thanks to this initiative! It is a program that challenges, coaches and allows Moroccan startups to meet all the business angels of the Moroccan ecosystem. And this via 3 steps:

Aimed at start-ups that have already been created, with a commercialized product and/or service and proven commercial traction, this program has been specially designed to strengthen and maintain the growth of their business globally. Resulting from a generalist approach but contextualized to the challenges of the health crisis, Match & Invest has been 100% digitized and has focused on investing in projects providing concrete solutions to the challenges created by the Covid-19, without excluding other projects.

Match & Invest is also unique in its holistic approach. The program has combined the strengths of several business angel networks, connecting with more than 40 business angels to provide startups with expanded financing opportunities. 

Furthermore, Match&Invest offered the selected candidates a complete support to consolidate their strategy and potential. The program covered the entire value chain of innovation support, from initial training/coaching, to connecting with financial partners and administrative support following a fundraising. In short, the approach consists of a benevolent and complete supervision, enriching the financial acceleration with a whole range of complementary services.

The sustainable development goals met by this investment program : 

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