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This TechShow responds to the call of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to overcome the crisis while achieving a large-scale economic recovery. The program "Who wants to invest in my project? - special startup" is the result of a unique collaboration between two Moroccan pillars in the fields of innovation on the one hand and audiovisual production on the other. Indeed, to co-produce this techshow, LaStartupFactory, a key player and historical innovation in Morocco whose expertise in the field is already at the origin of many programs recognized by both startups and large groups, is associated with Smart Studio, a reference producer with African influence.

This program broadcast on 2M, the citizen media in partnership with Inwi, represents the first Maghrebian program thought and intended to expose to investors in prime time and young innovative companies. Carried by Moroccan entrepreneurs, the startups in search of financial and human support have concluded, so convincing, fundraising and capital partnerships in front of 6 million viewers. 

It is a techshow that aims to promote to a wide target, the principles of a new digital economic revolution, highlighting Moroccan technological talents while inspiring and instilling the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to stimulate a youth with great potential.

Note that "Who wants to invest in my project? - special startup" is an adaptation of the Japanese format "Money Tigers", adapted and broadcast in more than 40 countries, including the United States on ABC under the name "Shark Tank", in England on the BBC channel under the name "Dragon's Den" or in France on the channel M6 under the name "Who wants to be my partner?

This program participates in the promotion of the new digital economy and supports the growth of Moroccan startups. During each bonus, the founders of a startup with 5 Moroccan private investors called "Business Angels" who embody the dynamism, creativity and success of Morocco. Entrepreneurs and managers of successful companies, these investors give a chance to new talents by investing money, time and opening access to their professional networks. Applicants also benefit from the support of the Caisse Centrale de Garantie (CCG) as an investment partner, the Digital Development Agency (ADD), the Moroccan Federation of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Offshoring (APEBI), Lydec and HPS.

A federation, around this unique program for the innovation ecosystem in Morocco, of state actors, corporates, startups and business angels for a close collaboration and a democratization of trust towards entrepreneurs. 

For a startup to be eligible and join the program, it must be recommended by a support structure, it should ideally be composed of at least two co-founders with complementary skills in both technology and business; the proposed solution should have a high scalability potential and a strong positive impact on the Moroccan territory and it should have a legal status.

Once the startups are identified, an independent selection committee is held to ensure transparency on the project. The selection panel is made up of experts external to the program organization. No startup/support structure quota was established. The most relevant startups for the program were selected to participate in the Bootcamp. Special attention is given to startups doing recycling, fighting for health and wellness, quality education and fighting for clean energy.

The selected startups benefited from a 3-day bootcamp during which they were challenged on all aspects of their project. At the end of the third day, in front of an independent committee, the startups pitched to the business angels in front of the cameras on the TV set.

The investment sessions carried out in 5 premiums with 11 business angels have enabled 14 startups to raise nearly 10 million dirhams between the investments of the business angels and the honorary loans of the Caisse Centrale de Garantie. The Moroccan business angels invested nearly 5 million dirhams in the participating startups, two of them were able to land two orders for a total value of 600,000 dhs! 

The 1st edition of this Maghrebian techshow dedicated to startups, broadcast in November and December, was a great success with Moroccans, recording audience records with more than 3 million viewers for each prime. At the end of each prime, a prestigious witness takes the floor to share a testimony, an encouragement and a support to young entrepreneurs of today. 

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